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Dr. Ellen Fandry

Dr. Ellen Fandry

Dr. Ellen Fandry is a Therapeutic Optometrist and a certified Glaucoma Specialist. She graduated with her Doctorate of Optometry from The University of Houston College of Optometry as a member of the prestigious honor society, Beta Sigma Kappa. Prior to opening Seabrook Eye Center she practiced for several years in North Houston. She is a graduate of Clear Lake High School and is excited for this opportunity to provide eye care to her hometown community!

Dr. Fandry is trained to perform both routine and medical eye examinations and is able to diagnose and treat conditions like: dry eyes, contact lens-related complications, eye infection (commonly known as pink eye), glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, eye injuries, allergies, binocular vision disorders (misalignment of the eyes), and many others. She also works with nearby eye surgeons and assists them in caring for patients after cataract and LASIK surgeries.

Prior to graduating from optometry school Dr. Fandry did a rotation at Cedar Springs Clinic in Dallas, Texas where she was trained extensively in the management and treatment of ocular disease. In addition, she learned primary care optometry at a large private practice in Austin, Texas. At both locations, as well as in private practice, she gained experience with more difficult specialty contact lens fittings like scleral lenses (for patients with irregular corneas) and ortho-k (special hard lenses which reshape your cornea while you sleep, allowing you to see without correction during the day). She also does more routine fittings for patients with astigmatism as well as monovision and multifocal lens fittings for patients over 40 who are losing their near-focusing ability.

For undergraduate studies she graduated with honors from Lindenwood University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. She played volleyball for Clear Lake High School and later at Lindenwood where she was an All-American student athlete. In her spare time Dr. Fandry enjoys still enjoys playing sports like tennis and slow pitch softball, trying new restaurants and cuisines, as well as camping and hiking with her husband.